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Pink Wota

A Fangirl's Perspective on J-Pop

Pinkヲタ - A Fangirl's Perspective on J-Pop
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The Award-Winning Yet Humble J-Pop Blog


Wota (ヲタ; oh-tah) is a kind of otaku, but while regular otaku seek out anime figurines and high-tech gizmos, a wota is devoted to female idols.

This is PINK WOTA, a different sort of wota blog. While regular wota are usually college-to-middle aged dudes, a Pink Wota is a female wota just as passionate about her idols. We are the Pink Wota, and we're here to offer you our rants, our reviews, our picspams, our videos, our music, and our love! We're not even limiting this to J-Pop...no, Pink Wota are Pan-Asian! K-Pop? CantoPop? ThaiPop? We love it all.

So now you know who we are, so you may be wondering, how does this whole thing work? Simple! There are a handful of Pink Wota contributors, who will post official entries to the community. All you do from there is enjoy, whether it be reading, downloading, or joining in a heated discussion. What to expect from us? Well, we'll all blog about anything when it comes down to it, but we each have our niches. They become pretty apparent as time goes on. The Pink Wota staff is as follows:

pinkocracy - aka Vee
lukkaya - aka Ru
mei_yanohi - aka Mei
honey_marmalade - aka Ran
kinenbi - aka Kirie

Guest bloggers will be brought in from time-to-time, because what fun is it if you can't bring in experts and learn stuff yourself? NONE.

Former Guest Bloggers:

ponyboy - aka Corin

But there are rules! Oh, don't be scared. Except of Ru, she carries a large gun and won't be afraid to go blammo on your ass if you violate the rules.


1. Be nice, damnit. Everyone has their opinion, but there's no reason to be a total bitch about it. There's a fine line between debate and just plain arguing, and the mods will notice arguing pretty quickly. I think I've had to do this once. Most people here have their own blogs to fire back rebuttals, and they DO! That's the fun of it.

2. Don't like the subject of a PW entry? That's fine. Either don't say anything and wait for the next entry, or at least back your opinion up with a few words about why. This can spark some good discussion. We all might even learn something!

3. Wanting to see PW post about something in particular? Head to this thread and give us your input!

4. Are you here just to download music? Not cool. We're not an .mp3 request community. This rule is a little outdated since Pink Wota has gone more into entertainment/comfort blogging rather than sticking to the download-fest promises of its roots, but heck, maybe I'll return to that.


Vee — pinkocracy
Ru — lukkaya

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